Sometimes the best way to protect someone is to tell them the truth. Miri Apel once had a picture-perfect life, but now all that’s changed. Her teenage son is acting
up, her daughters are on edge, and her ex-husband is a bad influence. But her troubles are
just beginning. Miri hears disturbing accusations about her latest shidduch. Could they be

To make matters worse, Miri’s family’s business is floundering after someone leaked private
information. Who would do such a thing? Miri and her siblings are determined to keep the
bad news from their father, no matter what. Protecting those she loves seems like the right
thing to do. But what if it isn’t?

In The Stars Are Fire, popular author Rachel Berger weaves an engaging, multilayered story
about life’s most meaningful relationships, conflicting loyalties, and taking second chances.
Join Miri as she’s forced to let go of her sky-high dreams and expectations, yet holds on to
her hopes of shining brightly once again.
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